We are so thankful you have chosen to be a Walk to Remember Sponsor or Memory Market Exhibitor! Please find answers to your common questions here. If you have any additional questions or want to discuss your current or potential sponsorship level, don't hesitate to reach out to our Walk Coordinator Rebecca at dev2@alzbr.org

Please note this event is outdoors. 


What time do I need to arrive to start setting up? 
The event site opens at 8AM, so Exhibitors will want to be set up before then. Based on your set up needs, you can arrive anytime between 7AM and 8AM, but your tent area should be ready for display by 8AM.

What size space will I have available?
This year, we are excited to offer each Exhibitor a FULL 10' x 10' foot tent with a table and 2 chairs. 

Where do I park as an Exhibitor? 
As an Exhibitor, you will have a special parking pass that allows you access to a special lot next to the Memory Market, for ease of unloading and loading. You will recieve a parking pass prior to the event that you need to have in your winshield dash area the day of the event. You will only recieve 2 parking passes per Exhibitor tent. Upon entrance into the BREC fair ground area, parking attendance will direct all those with Memory Market Exhibitor passes to the appropriate lot. Our Walk Coordinator will provide you with an event map so you can also visualize ahead of time where your parking and Memory Market locations will be. 

How long does the Memory Market last?
The Memory Market lasts from 8AM until 12PM. 

What do I need to bring to my Exhibit?
This year, each Exhibitor will be provided with 1 full tent space, a table, and 2 chairs. You are responsible to bring any tableclothes, promotional banners, print materials, gifts or giveaways, pens, business cards, or product samples you desire that will fit in your tent space as part of your exhibit presentation. 

Can I bring my own company tent?
Yes! If your company has your own branded tent you are welcome to use that as long as it fits within out 10' x 10' guidelines. You must let Walk Coordinator Rebecca know if you plan to bring your own to the walk. 


Where can I find out about sponsorship opportunities? 
To review the full range of our sponsorship levels, please refer to the Sponsorship Opportunities Page under our Sponsors Tab. 

I want my business or company to be a sponsor, now what? 
Fill out the Committment Form from the Sponsorship Opportunities Packet and email it to Walk Coordinator Rebecca at dev2@alzbr.org 

I turned in my committment form, now what? 
You want to get your company or brand logo to our PR as soon as possible to be added to all print and digital promotion. Please refer to your sponsorship opportunities packet for the file requiements and email your logo to pr@alzbr.org 

When is the payment deadline for sponsors? 
Friday, September 18th 

What will we do if the event is cancelled due to a Coronavirus 2nd wave? 
If the live in-person event has to be cancelled for any reason beyond the control of Alzheimer's Services, sponsorship contributions shall be treated as a donation to Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area and will not be refunded. We we still host a virtual walk should the event need to be cancelled, and sponsors will be recognized through our virtual walk online.  

For more information contact Walk Coordinator Rebecca Lunceford  
Phone: (225) 334-7494 Fax: (225) 387-3664 Email: dev2@alzbr.org