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What is the Alzheimer's Services Walk to Remember?

The Walk to Remember is a community event to raise awareness and funding support for Alzheimer's Services, a local non-profit of the Capital Area that serves those affected with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. This outdoor event includes a Memory Market, Children's Village, Live Music, free food and drinks, and of course, a 1-MILE Walk! 

Why should I walk? 

This year we want to highlight and honor caregivers as hero's for the tremendous jobs they do at home supporting their loved ones with this disesase, and we need your participation and support to continue being able to provide the respite care and resources we provide.

Currently among the top diseases in the US, Alzheimer's is the only one with NO treatement, and NO cure. Alzheimer's is a difficult diagnosis, not only for the patients but also for their caregivers. 

More than ever, during COVID-19, we saw caregivers on the frontlines at home, caring for their loved ones during isolating stay-at-home orders. Alzheimer's Services was able to maintain our work remotely, keeping our Helpline open, and moving Support Groups and Lunch n' Learn programs online. This is why we are honoring caregivers as hero's with special recognition during this year's event. 

Now, more than ever, your participation in this year's Walk to Remember helps provide the support and resources to those most in need that are affected by Alzheimer's and their caregivers. 

Can I run the walk?
Glad you asked! Yes! You can. While we will not be giving out official race bibs and times this year, you can still come out and run the 1 MILE walk. Challenge yourself to get your best mile time! 

How can I participate? 

You can sign up to participate as an individual, as a member on a team, or start your own team as a Team Captain and invite friends to walk with you!

One of the best ways you can support the walk is by starting a team and asking your friends and family to join your team. Research shows people are more willing to give when asked by a friend or family member, and by becoming a Team Captain, you become the best advocates for us in your community! 

The Walk to Remember is one of our largest awareness and fundraising event of the year, and we are incredibly gratetful for the amazing ambassadors you become when you register as a Team Captain. It doesn't matter if you have a team of 3 people or 30, as a local non-profit, all funds raised stay here in the community, so each dollar makes a difference! 

Registration is required whether you decide to walk as an individual (adult or child), join an existing team, or start your own as Team Captain! 

Registration options are:

Walker with 2020 Walk T-shirt ($50)
Walker no T-shirt (free)
Kid Walker with 2020 Walk T-shirt ($10)
Kid Walker no T-shirt (free)

When you register, you have the option to purchase a Sign of Support for $50. These signs of support are a great way to honor a loved one, show support for a caregiver, or highlight your comany in support of the walk. You can display a First and Last Name, Family Name, or Business Name on your sign. (Ex: Jane Smith, The Smith Family, Smith Family Auto) The signs are put along the walk route the morning of the walk and are used year after year with your one-time purchase. 

-Let's get (virtually) Walking!

Rebecca Lunceford
Alzheimer Services Walk Coordinator