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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Any CDC guidelines or mandates by the Louisiana Governor at the time of the event will be followed. 

Can I volunteer at the Walk?

Yes you can! Click HERE to access our online volunteer form. While you don't need to fill out your educational background, current occupation, or previous experience, please make sure to note WALK TO REMEMBER in the Comments section! Once we recieve it we'll reach out to you to confirm.

Can I run the walk?

Glad you asked! Yes! You can. While we will not be giving out official race bibs and times this year, you can still come out and run the walk to shoot for your best mile time!

Is the Walk kid/family friendly? 

Yes! The walk route itself is paved and stroller/wagon friendly. We also have the Children's Village with lots of fun games and interactions for kids as well as a family photo op!

Are pets allowed at the walk?

Not at this time. 

What if the weather looks bad the night before or the morning of?

If there is incliment weather pending we will make an annoucment the morning of via Facebook and Instagram if the walk needs to be cancelled due to heavy rain. 

Can I wear costumes to the walk? 

Sure! It's common to see people dressed up in festive and fun purple gear (tutus, wigs, hats, clothing, etc.), kids in halloween costumes, or families in customized t-shirts. Feel free to come as casual or dressed up as you like! 


What time does the event start?
The Walk to Remember will open at 8 AM. The actual walk start time will be 9 AM.  

What will the morning include?
The Walk to Remember is a celebration event where we hear from our Executive Director and this year's Honorary Chair, live music with local band Three Blind Mice, an open air walk through Memory Market of local exhibitors, a Children's Village with fun game stations, face painting, balloon animals, and a scavenger hunt. There will also be cold drink and jambalaya being served throughout the duration of the event, and of course, the one mile Walk! 


What is the cost to participate in the Walk to Remember?
The Walk to Remember is free to participate, but registration is required.  You can register online at www.alzbr.org.  Fundraising is optional and no minimum amount is required to participate.

How much of my donation goes towards Alzheimer's Services programs and services?
100% of your gift stays in the 10 parish Capital Area. As a local non-profit, not affiliated with a national organization, ALL proceeds raised from the Walk to Remember stay right here in our community.

What does my donation support?
All funds donated benefit Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area and stay in the 10-parish area we serve.  This includes Charlie’s Place in Baton Rouge and Charlie’s Place in Gonzales.

How do I purchase a Sign of Support?
Signs of Support are a way to honor a loved one, caregiver, or highlight your company name along our Walk Route. For a one-time fee of $50, your Sign of Support will be displayed along our route year after year at no additional cost. To purchase a Sign of Support you can click the "Make a General Donation" page under the DONATE tab. 

How do I get my company to match my gift?
A simple and effective way you can multiply the impact of your gift is by checking to see if your company has a matching gift program!  Please follow your company’s instructions for processing a matching gift and contact us if you need additional documentation or verification.

What is the refund policy?
All registrations and sponsorships are final. In the event that the in-person walk needs to be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of Alzheimer's Services such as weather or Coronavirus related, all contributions shall be treated as a donation to Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area and will not be refunded.


Where can I find the link to online giving?
The link to online giving can be found in the top right hand corner. You will see a green DONATE button to click that will direct you.

What do I do if I don't want to participate in the walk but I still want to give?
If you would like to donate to the Walk to Remember without event participation, you can click the DONATE button in the top right hand corner of this page. All gifts are deeply appreciated. Thank you for considering Alzheimer's Services as your local non-profit to support! 


When is Pre-Registration Day? 
Wednesday, November 3rd at our North Blvd. Office from 8am-4pm. 

What is Pre-Registration? 
Pre-Registration day is the Wednesday before the walk when you pick up your T-shirts and any fundraising incentives. 

This is also the time you can drop off any checks or money you've collected on behalf of the Walk. 

Should I register as a New or Returning Participant?
If you participated in the walk last year, chances are you can log-in as a returning user. Registering as a returning user allows the site to pull up your information from last year, to make the registration process simpler. If you are a returning Team Captain, it allows the site to automatically fill in your team information. 

If you have never walked with us before you should register as a new user. If you are walking as a first time participant with a team, make sure you click the "Join a Team" Registration button. If you are registering not affiliated with a Team/Team Captain, make sure you click the "Register as an individual" Registration button on the home page. 

I can't remember my username, now what?
If you are trying to log-in as a returning user or returning team, but can't remember your name or log-in, please email Walk Coordinator Rebecca at dev2@alzbr.org. She can work with you to look up your user ID in the system and get you back on track with registration. 

I forgot my password, now what?
If you went to register but can't remember your password, email Walk Coordinator Rebecca at dev2@alzbr.org and she will send you a link to reset it. 

How do I get a t-shirt?
You automatically receive a T-shirt when you register as a "Walker + T-shirt" as it is included in the $50 registration fee. You will be asked your T-shirt size during the registration process. There are other incentives offered at the $100, $250, and $500 fundraising goal levels.  

Do I have to join a team to participate?
No, you have the option to participate as an individual. To do so, click the "Register as an Individual" button on the home page. 


I want to experience the walk on a team, but I don't know a current Team Captain to join, what should I do?
Start your own! This is the fun part! Starting your own team allows you to be Team Captain. Our Walk Coordinator will help coach you along the way, and you'll join the ranks of our fellow amazing Team Captains at Team Captain Kick-Off! If you have questions or concerns about becoming a Team Captain before you take the leap, don't hesistate to reach out to our Walk Coordinator who is here to serve and assist you. 

What does it mean to sign up as a Team Captain?
Team Captains are critical for the success of the walk. Team Captains are our spokespersons and advocates in the community. They volunteer to form "teams" for the walk and commit to sharing information about our organization
Team Captains bring awareness and raise funds for the organization by asking friends to join their team or making an online donation.  

Team Captains are invited to the Team Captain Kick-Off in August. Being a Team Captain also makes you eligible for additional prizes and incentives among fellow captains for special fundraising challenges our Walk Coordinator will host prior to the walk. 

What do I put as my Team Name?
This is the fun part! You get to decide what your Team Name will be. People typically like to name their teams after a friend or family member affected by Alzheimer's, a caregiver they support, or a company name, but it's totally up to you and you can get as creative as  you like. 

What amount should I select as a Fundraising Goal during the registartion process? 
During Team Registration set-up, you will be promted to select a "fundraising goal." This is simply a dollar amount as a goal, and by selecting this amount you are not required or locking yourself into raising that amount or face penalty. We encourage Team Captains to set the bar high and reach for $2,000. When you break it down, that's 10 people giving $200, 20 people giving $100, or 40 people giving $50- all totally doable! Whether you keep it at $2,000 or select another amount, a fundraising goal will need to be included as part of registration, so choose an amount you're comfortable with and think is realistic for your team to raise. 

What Team Division should I select during the registration process?
Team Divisions must be selected as part of the Team Registration set-up. Your options are Family, Corporate, Club/Organization, or School. Choose the division that BEST describes the make-up of your team members, even if you have a mix of participation, just choose the best overall fit. 

Family- for teams comprised of friends, family, and neighbors 
Corporate- for large or small businesses where Employers want to start a team, or for co-workers who want to walk together
Club/Organization- for Rotary, leadership, professional affiliation, service groups, or social clubs like book clubs or tennis league members that want to walk together 
School- For schools that want to encourage teachers and students to participate, or for students from the same school that want to walk together

How many people do I have to have on my team? 
There is no minimum or maximum amount of people you are required to have on your team. It can be as small as you and two siblings or next door neighbors, or as large as you plus one hundred of your closest friends and family. 

How much money do we have to raise to be a team? 
There is no minimum amout of money you are required to raise if you sign up to be a Team Captain or join a team. We appreciate that you want to be a part of a team and help further the cause of Alzheimer's Services. For that, we are grateful for any amount of donated funds you are able to help raise and contribute- no pressure! 

I registered as a Team Captain, now what? 
Now start spreading the word! The best thing to do is start sharing in person and on social media that you have started a team for Alzheimer's Services Walk to Remember. The goal is to recruit people to join your team and raise funds for the organization. Studies show that people are more likely to give if they are asked by a personal friend. 

Attend the Team Captain Kick-Off. The Team Captain Kick-off is a complimentary luncheon on Tuesday, October 5th from 12-1PM at Goodwood Library. During this luncheon will share more details about the walk and hand out yard signs, posters, brochures, cards and other items to help you share about the walk and build your team. RSVP is required by registering HERE