Omi's Angels


When I think of Granny, Christa Feuerabendt, I think about how she would always give us three scoops of ice cream or sherbet and how as I child, I never understood why we couldn’t have more.  I remember going on walks with her and how she would always power walk with her head held high and her shoulders back.  I remember her doing her lipstick and thinking how sophisticated she was with her bright lipstick colors.  I remember her playing German rummy with us and saying “vas liegt liegt”.  Or when we were getting ready for a special meal telling us "Hande waschen".  That is the Granny that I remember and that I want to remember.


Alzheimer’s robbed me of more time and memories with her.  It took away her ability to give me advice about things that were going on in my life. It took away her ability to remember where she was and sometimes what she was doing.  It took away her ability to recognize me and other family members. And ultimately it took away my grandmother, to where she was just a shell.


No one should have to go through that or see a loved one go through that.  If a family has to experience that, they should be able to get as much support as they need in order to be able to take care of both themselves and their loved one.  I am therefore, asking for your participation and support for the Walk to Remember on October 19th.  It would be awesome to see everyone participate in the walk/run but it would also be awesome to see any donations that go toward both helping those families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s in Baton Rouge and hopefully finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.  Thank you in advance for your help in the fight against Alzheimer’s.


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